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The Burden of Unequal Inheritance Laws on Moroccan Women

Moroccan law stipulates that after the death of a parent, daughters of the deceased inherit half of what their male relativesreceive. While even some socially liberal Moroccans acknowledge that this system was suitable in the past, when men headed up the vast majority of households, it has made life difficult in the modern age for those 20% of homes in which women are the primary breadwinners. 

Lessons from the Past for Tunisia’s 2019 Elections

Tunisia’s 2019 parliamentary and presidential elections are just over ten months away. In the aftermath of the 2014 elections, two parties, Nidaa Tounes and the Islamist Ennahda movement, used their combined seats to form a government. Nearly five years later, Ennahda seems poised to perform well due to its enduring popularity, while Nidaa Tounes has seen its support steadily decline due in part to internal fractures.