Pulse-Atlas Released! (v1.4.1)


Navanti announces the release of Pulse v1.4.1, which helps users understand country risk and stability with the new ATLAS page.

New Atlas Page Launched

Atlas was built to provide users with a country-oriented landing page, providing a 9-factor country risk assessment, weather, country profile, and Navanti’s latest published information. As future assessments are published, Atlas will show the trend over time as a sparkline, providing the trajectory of the country’s risk profile. Other features include State Department Country Travel Warnings and the time local in the capital city.


Additional Improvements

  • Updated the styling of the Data Library page, including new icons and improving the spacing of the content
  • Modal close icon received update to improve contrast and utility. 

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Navanti Security Briefing on Libya at OSAC MENA Conference

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