Case Studies

Multinational clients choose Navanti because the products and information we provide support multiple core business objectives in emerging and high risk markets. The following selected case studies demonstrate how clients optimized risk in these environments with Navanti solutions.



Navanti has worked on-the-ground in Nigeria for over seven years and conducted hundreds of studies across the country.


What investments will mitigate risk? 

CLIENT CHALLENGE: The board of directors for a state-owned oil & gas corporation were evaluating investment opportunities in southeastern Nigeria, where insurgent risk is high. The firm needed to understand how these risks would impact their people, physical assets, and publicly traded securities where they have exposure.

RESULT: Navanti was retained as part of the due diligence process to provide a briefing on the threats, risk mitigation options, and consequence analysis. This analysis included a quantitative study of the impact on stocks and commodities from insurgent kidnappings versus armed attacks.



Led by Neil MacKinnon, Navanti’s cadre of advisors are experienced with implementing policy, process, and analytical frameworks within client organizations.


Are we prepared for a crisis?

CLIENT CHALLENGE: A major international NGO operating in seven countries required their headquarters and field policies, procedures, and risk analytics frameworks to be overhauled. Where previously each country implemented their own plans, the NGO required an international standard to meet their duty of care requirements.

RESULTS: Over an eight week period, Navanti implemented a new crisis management framework, risk analysis framework, conducted site security assessments and training, and delivered new risk assessments for each location.



Navanti has worked in Iraq for over five years, conducting field data collection and analysis to support multinational corporate and government clients.


Are my people safe?

CLIENT CHALLENGE: The board of directors for an oil & gas super-major operating in Iraq required both tactical and strategic information on the impacts of the conflict between Kurdish and Islamic State forces. Obtaining credible, localized data beyond Erbil and analyzing it for the board presented a significant challenge in a core portfolio country.

RESULTS: Navanti provided field-level reporting examining: (1) risks to evacuation routes; (2) indications and warnings of imminent threat to facilities and personnel; and (3) data visualizations for senior executives.