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What's the Status of Negotiations over Northeast Syria?

A number of Syrian news outlets have reported that the Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration (AA) is negotiating with Damascus over the future of the resource-rich quarter of the country under AA control. Are negotiations actually underway, and, if so, what do they mean for a possible political settlement to the civil war?

Life after ISIS in Busayra, Deir al-Zour

In September 2017, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) began a campaign to recapture large parts of Syria’s eastern Deir al-Zour province from ISIS. Around the same time, the SDF announced the creation of the Deir al-Zour Civil Council (DZCC) to administer the oil-rich desert province in the post-ISIS phase.

Life After ISIS in Tabqah, Syria

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured Tabqah , located west of al-Raqqa city, from ISIS in May 2017. Since that time, the SDF-affiliated Tabqah Civil Council (TCC) has begun the arduous task of restoring some semblance of normal life to a city all but destroyed by the six-year civil war.