All in Yemen

Unconventional Houthi War Tactics

Houthi forces have used a combination of conventional weaponry and unconventional, ad-hoc strategies to fight forces loyal to the Republic of Yemen Government (ROYG) and its Arab-led coalition allies in the ongoing Yemeni civil war. Here, Navanti reviews two of the Houthis’ unorthodox methods for prosecuting the ongoing conflict.

Cyclone Mekunu Devastates South Yemen’s Infrastructure

When Mekunu struck Yemen’s southern coastline late last month, dozens of residents of al-Mahra and Hadramawt provinces were injured and killed as the cyclone sank boats and swept cars and buses off the roads. Stormwater created a series of small waterfalls on the hilly island of Socotra, leaving over 40 people missing by Mekunu’s end.

Life Under Siege in Ta’izz, Yemen

Ta’izz has experienced instability since the Yemen conflict broke out in 2011, as Republic of Yemen Government (ROYG)-aligned militias, and pro-Houthi forces fought for control over different neighborhoods of the city. 

Yemen's Hadramawt Province Remains Stable Despite Economic Downturn

Forces affiliated with the Saudi-led coalition retook the coast of the Yemeni province of Hadramawt from Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula in spring 2016. While Hadramawt witnessed limited fighting during that period, it has largely remained insulated from the Yemeni civil war because Houthi forces never managed to secure a foothold inside the southeastern province.

Playgrounds for Eid

In the midst of continued clashes between Houthi/Saleh militiamen and Pro-Hadi resistance forces, and sustained airstrikes by the Arab-led Coalition, the residents of Ta’iz city have managed to create space for joy.